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Regardless of your chosen software deployment method, the hardware is the same. The software maybe the cornerstone of your business but the hardware makes it possible to function well and give that great performance planned for.

POS system are made up the following categories of POS hardware; Cash Registers, Embedded Systems, PC Based System and POS Peripherals.

Cash Registers

Cash registers have been the default solution that stood in and represented a basic point of sale system. They are perfect solutions if you are just starting up as they have certain limitations as compared to the pc based. Their simplicity and low cost make them a good solution for small businesses. Some will call and term cash register solution as obsolete but recent cash register technology has shown cash registers bundled with advanced Sales and Reporting Functions that is mind blowing

Some Advantages

Inexpensive Solution, great for Businesses on a budget.
They are rugged.
They are dedicated for the tasks they are programmed to do.
Sales staffs cannot be distracted as they can’t do more than sales on the system
No anti-virus issues.
It can be networked
Usually experiences less hardware failure issues
Can be interfaced with POS peripherals such as cash drawer, barcode scanner and so on


Embedded Systems are great. They are Advanced Cash Registers with Touch Screen functionality and Visual interface like computers we are used to. Embedded POS software is developed specifically for the POS hardware that is running it. That means that the hardware you purchase will already have the embedded POS software on it, and it will be ready to handle your business needs the moment you purchase it

Lets take a look at the Quorion POS System. Quorion Embedded Systems are bundled with the QMP software and has great functionality for business. The Qtouch embedded systems fall into these series Qtouch8, 10 and 12. Embedded POS systems are POS systems that are designed to carry out a specific task. That specific task is running your point of sale. What Embedded System means is external software cannot be installed on these machines even when they look like and have the visual interface of computers.
They also connect to a wide range of peripherals.
Embedded systems have the following advantages:
•They are rugged.
•They are dedicated for the tasks they are programmed to do.
•Sales staffs cannot be distracted as they can doing more than sales on the system.
•No anti-virus issues.
•It can be networked.
•Usually experiences less hardware failure issues.
•Can be interfaced with peripherals such as cash drawer, barcode scanner and so on.
•Can be integrated with the Qorder android application.
•It runs on Linux operating system hence very fast.


Everybody loves computers because they are commonly and readily available. With the right POS hardware and POS Software, your everyday computer can be converted to a POS System. Basic POS hardware includes thermal printers, cash drawer, barcode scanners and so on. PC Based POS unlike cash Registers and Embedded Systems don’t come bundled with software. Most of them run on windows operating system. However you have to purchase and install POS software on them making them more expensive.

These PC based computers have evolved and now come with  amazing features such as integrated touch screen monitors , integrated customer display and some now have integrated printers in them creating a space-saving all-in-one design. Most are available with 15" displays, as most POS software is designed for that size screen.

POS computers also usually come equipped with multiple USB ports, so you can be sure all your peripherals are able to operate at the same time.

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The main advantage the PC Based POS System has is that you can customize hardware to suit your need. You can fully shop for customized software to run to your business.
                                                                                                                                         It can be interfaced with peripherals (cash drawer, barcode scanners and so on).

POS Peripherals

These are external devices or items added to the system to provide extra functionalities. They are mostly attached externally as pos systems could be interfaced with peripherals.

The pos system have different peripherals that can be interfaced with the system and provide their individual features. They include the following; Barcode Scanners, POS Printers, Cash Drawer, Customer Pole Display

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Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanner automates checkout process, saving time and provides ease. Scanning barcodes pulls product info and adds it to the checkout total. Barcodes, when scanned, may also integrate with inventory management systems to automatically adjust stock levels.

These scanners vary and come in different brand, shape, prices, and scan rate capabilities. They could be wireless, handheld, desktop and automatic depending on choice or type of business. But they individually provide its basic functionality. No driver installation needed.


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Thermal Printers

Email and text receipts are gaining popularity due to evolving technology, but paper receipts are still important for providing customers with a quick snapshot of their purchase. You can print employee sales totals, hours and other information. Thermal printers have now been built with different functionalities, it ranges from receipt printers which are used to print receipts for customers, to barcode printers that prints barcodes for items, and we also have Bluetooth printers that have bluetooth features in it. Wireless printers, mobile printers are included amongst all and so on.


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Cash Drawer and Customer Pole Display

And as long as it is, you need a secure place to store cash for transactions. Additionally, there are no credit card fees tied to accepting cash. It has bills and coins compartment to organize the storage.

The advantages of the Customer Pole Display cannot be over emphasized. Customers need to see the prices and quantities of items as its processed into the system. Accuracy and transparency buys customers confidence making them always come back.


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