POS for Retail Store

POS Solution for retail 

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POS for Hotel

POS Solution for hotel

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POS for Restaurant

POS Solution for restaurant

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POS for Beauty Salon

POS Solution for beauty salon

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POS for Service Company

POS Solution for service company

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POS for Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Solutions for Manufacturing, inventory & warehouse

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POS Software Solution for Different Industry

Seamless Solutions!

RetailPoint Solutions Ltd offers a range of customizable point of sale systems to meet different needs and budgets, whether you have a single location or a multi-unit operation. Powerful software, reliable and design-focused hardware, and industry-leading support combine to offer you a flexible, turnkey POS system.

We provide POS software solution for different industry and budget range. Our POS software provides innovative and powerful solutions that meet business requirements of the most demanding retail environments, restaurant, hotel management, inventory, accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERp) with rapid return on investment, low cost , and a single point of accountability. We customize user interface to suit your business and attain customer satisfaction.

These sectors can be driven by our POS platforms to provide turnkey solutions for Sales Record, Store Management, Inventory, Advanced Reporting (inventory reports, clerk reports, sales report (instant and over a period), performance reports ,hotel management, enterprise resources planning (ERP) and so on.

Inventory POS      Our product platforms supports Retail kiosks, bakery, fast food,salon Hospitality
       and Restaurants, Pharmacy & Laundry

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Retail POS Solutions

Retail POS Solutions

Do you own a Kiosk, Mini mart, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Wine Shop, Gas Plant, Butchery we have the right solution for you. Retail Store owners are usually faced with cash flow and Inventory losses. Our Retail Applications tracks inventory movement against sales. Product entry point is usually processed from inventory receipts from vendors so you can track your purchases to any time. Inventory adjustments can also be processed. Your sales process is not left out as you can processes sales transactions in simple clicks, hold a sale, apply discounts and process Refunds and Returns. Customer loyalty, Coupon Programs and other sale campaigns is not left out.

Our Reporting module enable you see your entire store operations at a glance. Access to various Sales Reports, Inventory Reports, Purchase Reports and Cash Drawer Reports puts your entire store in-view without you missing a thing.
Hotel POS Solutions

Hotel POS Solutions

Our Hotel POS solutions integrates Reservation and Food & Beverages (F&B). Our Reservation System handles Guest Reservations and Room Bookings both offline and Online (integrated with your hotel Website), POS Modules for Restaurant and Bar, Laundry, Gym etc with options to Bill to Room.

House keeping functions are not left out. Indicators help us keep track of Dirty Rooms, Vacant & Ready Rooms and Rooms that need maintenance.

Guest Ledgers, Room Occupancy Reports and other POS and Accounting Reports allows you keep an eye on operations.

Our Online Booking Engine enables you to synchronize your Hotel with your Website. Check room availability, Make Reservations and Payments on line.
Restaurant POS Solutions

Restaurant POS Solutions

Our Restaurant Solutions caters for Quick Service Restaurants, Fine Dining Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pastry Shops,and various Food Service Companies. In partnership with various brands with specialty in Restaurant Systems we integrate and deploy Restaurant POS solutions to meet your demands.

Our POS Sales Module with Table programming and Mobile Ordering support provides best solutions for fine dining Restaurants and eliminates fraudulent paper dockets.

Get the right information to your chef and timely too by processing guest preferences and cooking instructions straight from the POS system to the kitchen.

Our inventory Management with Raw materials Processing enables you keep track of Recipes and ingredients and reduce wastage.

Salons & Spa POS Solutions

Salons & Spa POS Solutions

Our Salon & Spa POS Solutions is guaranteed to yield best results for your Pampering Business. We help match your services to stylists so y6ou can keep track of what each stylist does and even pay a commission on service if you wish.

Make your customers book appointments for their sessions and use our Calendar Application and Reminders to keep track.

Our POS module helps you Sell and Track beauty products inventory so you never run out of supplies.
POS Solutions for Service Companies

POS Solutions for Service Companies

Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Project Management Applications are a must have for service companies that want to stay on top.

Our HRM & CRM Applications help you manage your Clients and Marketing Activities across your various Staff and Sales Channels.

Project Management Application helps you manage your various tasks and operations. You can effectively run your Help Desk for your service company using our Solutions.

Email Marketing Tools are also not left our for various Sales Campaigns typical of some service companies.
POS Solutions for Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

POS Solutions for Manufacturing

& Supply Chain Management

Make-to-Order processes often involves Planning & Scheduling developing material and resource plans based on forecasts or planned schedules, creating shop floor plans to support production plans, and commits to delivery dates based on the current production planning manufacturing environment.

Let us take the headache off you when we deploy our Supply Chain Management Application. 

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