ARTIS Large Cash Drawer



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The Large Cash Drawer is one of the most popular cash drawers in the POS industry. The reliability and long lasting performance has earned its trust worldwide.
This high quality, cash drawer was designed for the harsh environment that the retail and hospitality industry is capable of delivering. It comes with  5 bills for keeping your money and receipts.




Additional information

Weight6.5 kg

Due to its durability and long lasting performance earned by this drawer, it can be used in:

  • supermarkets
  • restaurants
  • eateries
  • hotels
  • book stores etc.

This Large Cash Drawer has Removable 5 Note, 10 Coin tray, with a Metal Construction and a Cable Location at the Rear.

It has a 24V Solenoid Release which connects to most receipt printers.

       It also comes with accessories which include spare trays and lockable lids for secure reallocation of floats.


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