Quorion QMP18 Cash Register

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₦ 65,000.00

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Quorion QMP18 Cash Register is equipped with the following features
Operator Display
1 line Customer display
42 Programmable Raised keys
Integrated thermal Printer 58mm with easy load
QMP Sales Software
10,000 PLUs with stock control,
8 clerks,
100 departments,
10 user defined reports
Interfaces – USB, Cash drawer,serial (R232), micro SD Card No Cash Drawer

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Quorion QMP18 Cash Register is a POS cash register that allows transaction of retail businesses easier,it has programmable keys that enables an easier interaction with the use.


It has a 32Bit ARM 966E CPU.


Quorion QMP18 Cash Register has a Micro-SD card slot. It also has an Integrated Thermal Printer with easy load.


Quorion QMP18 Cash Register has 42 Programmable Keys, 10000 Inventory items with stock control, 100 Departments, 8 Clerks and 10 User defined Reports.

It also has Customer display with Interfaces – USB, PC, Cash Drawer, Serial (for external pole display, scales, barcode scanners etc.



Quorion QMP18 Cash Register can be used in supermarket, grocery shop, pizzeria, bakery, cafe, restaurant or pastries shop etc.


Quorion QMP18 Cash Register runs on an embedded Operating System. It has an Embedded POS QMP sales software in it.





Specifications for Quorion QMP18 Cash Register

Memory 2MB Flash ROM
Interfaces USB, Cash Drawer, Serial (RS232) Micro SD card
Colour Black