Finger Print Time Attendance USB

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This high performance smart time attendance machine with inbuilt battery backup in the case of power failure keeps records of employees daily time of starting and exiting work, tracks vacations and sick periods, calculates and maintains overtimes and retrieves employees attendance data for ease of monthly salary payments and other benefits and allowances thereof.

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Fingerprint time attendance system plays important role to record employees IN & OUT timing for attendance & overtime calculation. The fingerprint sensor must be in a good quality to read the employee’s difficult fingers which is usually any of these: it could be clean, dirty, oily, and some employees even have sweaty & dry fingers naturally.


IT has different interfaces one can choose from depending on how you want your printers to operate. This time attendance machine uses the USB interface


Due to its portability it is amazing functions, it can be used in offices, hotels, lounge, Restaurants, Eateries etc. to meet all kinds of needs.


Specifications for Finger Print Time Attendance USB

Operating Mode offline and online
ID Mode Finger print, Id card reader, password.
Processor 32 bit