Honeywell MK9540 Barcode Scanner

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    The Honeywell MK9540 is clearly the most advanced auto-triggered scanner on the market today. The Honeywell MS9540 is enabled for both In-stand and Out-of-stand operation, Voyager can be used as a hand-held and fixed presentation scanner.

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    Honeywell MK9540 Barcode Scanner is simple to set up and provides aggressive reading of linear barcodes. It is made for users that require hands-free scanning, an easy-to-assemble stand increases throughput by incorporating automatic in-stand detection. Features optimized laser scanning technology to read poorly printed or damaged barcodes.


    The Honeywell MK9540 Barcode Scanner provide satisfaction during work periods to retail business, Hospitality, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Eateries, and Laundry etc.