About RetailPoint POS Solutions

Who we Are

RetailPoint Solutions Ltd provides and deploys Point of Sale (POS) Solutions for businesses using various POS Product lines. Our products can be deployed across various Retail platforms delivering increased benefits for the Customer, Employees and the Business Owner.

Our Solutions guarantee Efficiency and Reliability so you can focus on your business and enjoy increased Return on Investment.

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems.

Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To provide the best affordable Point of Sale Solutions to Businesses and Individuals
To be the No. 1 Brand in Nigeria preferred by Customers to provide Point of Sales Solutions and Business Automation Services.
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Why RetailPoint POS

Fast & Reliable POS Systems

Built on high end processors, our systems are fast and straight to the point. Our POS Systems are designed to last so you focus on your business rather than the Machines themselves.

Supports Multi-user Platforms (even our Cash registers can be Networked!)

Our POS systems support single-user, multi-user and even multi-location Scenarios. This means you can have our POS systems networked in an environment where you have multiple pay points. This feature is most suitable for multi-location stores and chains

Remote Processing and Monitoring - Access your Machine on the go!

With network ability and internet connectivity you can access our POS systems wherever whenever. This is a great plus because not only does it help you keep track of your business it also guarantees easy access to technical support since your POS machine can be worked on at anytime.

Integrated Solution

We offer POS Systems that are All-in-one. POS terminal, Customer Display, Thermal Printer & Software all in one unit. This saves you cost on hardware.


Our POS Systems are highly flexible and can fit into any environment. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we have the right machine for you.

Core Values

Our commitment to you is in our outstanding service and the quality of products we offer
We are poised to meet our customers demands as we uphold the highest standards of Integrity in our Products and Service.
We work together to meet our customers needs as we exhibit a strong will to win in the Information Technology Marketplace.
We take responsibility and are accountable for delivering on our commitment to our customer


POS Hardware Systems

Our Hardware Systems are driven by POS software designed to deliver a simple, flexible and efficient system that provides robust data analysis for small to medium sized shops and chains searching for a cost effective fully integrated POS solution.

Cash Registers, POS Terminals, Receipt and Barcode Label Printers, POS supplies, Point of Sale Peripherals, POS Accessories

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POS Software Solutions

RetailPoint Solutions Ltd offers a range of customizable point of sale systems to meet different needs and budgets, whether you have a single location or a multi-unit operation. Powerful software, reliable and design-focused hardware, and industry-leading support combine to offer you a flexible, turnkey POS system.

Our POS Software Solutions provide turnkey solutions for Sales Record, Store Management, Inventory, Advanced Reporting (inventory reports, clerk reports, sales report (instant and over a period), performance reports and so on. We provide;

  • POS Software for Restaurant, Retail, Hotels and Hospitality

  • Accounting and Inventory Systems

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Customer Benefits of POS Systems


Our POS Equipment and POS Software Solutions are of great benefits to customers because it makes their sopping experience delightful and they want to come back to your store.

Easy Checkout
Improved Customer Service

Hugh Savings from Loyalty Programs

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Employee Benefits of POS Systems


Employees enjoy using our POS Systems because they are Fast and Reliable. Touch Screen POS Systems built with Speed and efficiency in mind.

New levels of checkout proficiency
Easy to use System
Simplified Software makes you focus on the customer during sales
Usage security via Logins & device Locks
Easy end of Shift/Day Balancing

Employer Benefits of POS Systems


Business owners want POS Systems that can meet their business demands. We deploy Retail POS Systems, Restaurant POS Systems, POS Systems for boutique, Barbing Salon and Spa.

Numerous Reports available for data analysis & Accounting
Improved Inventory/Stock Control
Durable POS Hardware so you can focus on your business with reduced maintenance & repairs
Easily manage POS systems on-site and at remote locations

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