Product Description

The 40mm by 30mm barcode label papers are needed in many places. The strongly sticky feature ensures no falling off. High-quality material makes a clear printing. The quantity of this product is 5 rolls.

No More Falling Off
Bad labels are easy to fall off and that is troublesome. However, our label sticker is strongly adhesive that it will stick to the item closely.

Three Great Advantages
The thermal label sticker is waterproof, oil-proof and wine-proof. It helps to smudges and. These advantages make it a high-quality product.

Wide Application Scopes
The blank label sticker can be used for the market, food ingredients list, hospital information, and library.

Clear Printing
This ultra sticky label sticker owns clear printing. The information is not easy to fade.

Universal Compatibility
This thermal label sticker is compatible with most printers.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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