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Effective cash register for your restaurants, coffee shop and similar businesses at affordable prices . Take advantage of our technical support services for proper installation and configurations.

Cash register

Affordable Cash registers in Nigeria

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The cash register is an essential business tool that is often overlooked as one of the transforming mechanizations of the industrial age. A cash register records the amount of a sale, supplies a receipt to the customer, and keeps a permanent journal of daily transactions. Today, cash registers are highly automatic, and have many functions that help in the organized running of a store or restaurant. A more expensive and complex register system can be used to keep track of inventory and signal distant computers to reorder supplies. It can tally sales by department or by class of item, saving managers time and paperwork. This kind of machine is most often used by large chain retailers or restaurants and referred to as a point of sale (POS) terminal. The POS terminal may be a hodge-podge of components from different manufacturers. More conventional cash registers used by smaller establishments are generally one-piece machines with a built-in cash drawer, printer, and display. These are almost all manufactured in Asia but designed by distributors in the country where they will be used.


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